3 Things to Know About The World’s Largest Starbucks in Chicago

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If you are a coffee lover living in the River North district of Chicago, Illinois, today is your lucky day. Opening today, November 15th, 2019 is the largest Starbucks store in the world. Sitting at the corner of North Michigan Avenue and East Erie Street, this previously a Crate and Barrel store, is a 35,000 square foot architectural masterpiece that is sure to make your caffeine cravings grow. All five of the floors will be centered around a different element and experience to which coffee fanatics could spend all day in the store. If you are just excited about this roastery in Chicago opening as we are, here are three things for you to know about this historic opening! 

Five Floors of Magic

Each floor has been curated to give the customer a different experience. On the first, you can find your traditional coffee bar with drinks to go that any normal-sized coffee chain would have. Along with retail, you find a bigger food selection, as well as the eight massive bronze tubes which help distribute all the coffee beans daily through the pipes embedded within. The second floor hosts a bakery and cafe brought to you be Rocco Princi, and the third is an “experiential coffee bar” allowing guests to experience taste, and be a part of the coffee “show”. The fourth floor is a collaboration between the best bartenders in Chicago, and the coffee powerhouse, creating a truly special Cocktail Bar. Taste coffee-flavored concoctions, barrel-aged coffee, along with a local beer and wine selection. The final floor is a rooftop deck that will open for those warmer Chicago months but will, unfortunately, be closed for the big opening today. 

The First, Biggest, and Best

With a project this big, there is an anticipation of how it will compare to what is already out there. Yes, this Starbucks is the biggest in the world, just beating out the previous largest Starbucks in Tokyo. But it has much more to offer as well. The curved escalator you will see when walking into the front doors is the first of its kind in the MidWest. The fourth-floor cocktail bar, which will seat around 170 people, sits as one of the largest bars in all of Chicago. The Princi Bakery and Cafe will be the only Starbucks in the country to offer a gelato made with liquid nitrogen.

Why Chicago?

Many people know that the original Starbucks coffee first opened in Seattle, WA. So many people were wondering why Chicago was chosen for this exquisite piece of architecture instead of the home city of Seattle. Well, immediately following Seattle, Chicago was the next major city to receive a Starbucks store in 1987. When Starbucks wanted to expand within airports, the first location was in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. With over 20 Starbucks locations already in the River North area, the company knew that adding one more location on magnificent mile would help launch their continued success of their Starbucks Reserve Roastery. 

So come one, come all, as we gather around this 35,000 square foot coffee heaven. Let’s sip on traditional favorites, try out some new delectables, and continue to marvel at the awe that is the world's largest Starbucks.

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