Must Try Fall Menu Favorites

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It’s about that time here in Chicago… the temperatures begin to drop as the layers of sweaters and scarves start to build up. Not only does the weather change, but so do our appetites! The summer revolves around cold beverages and light, refreshing meals and recipes. But now, Fall is here; and that means we're craving comfort food to keep us warm during the chilly months. No need to search for the perfect Fall menus in Lakeshore East, we’ve done the hard part for you! Check out these three warm and cozy menu items at restaurants in the area that are sure to make your mouth water and are perfect for a chilly weeknight dinner.

Three Forks Restaurant

With a menu that ranges from soups and salads to steak and seafood, you might find yourself overwhelmed with what to choose. But if it’s a crisp afternoon in Downtown Chicago, the perfect Fall dinner is without a doubt the rosemary and bacon roasted chicken from Three Forks. Although pumpkin seems to overwhelm the recipes at this time of year, there are so many other herbs and spices that really bring out the flavors of the Fall season. This chicken dinner boasts a delicate balance of herbs and spices (like rosemary, of course) complemented by Poulet Rouge Heritage Chicken from Joyce Farms. This dish is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and warm from the inside out.

Filini Bar and Restaurant

As temperatures inch lower and lower with each passing day, convenience becomes key when finding somewhere to eat around town. In that case, you really can’t beat a 3 minute walk to Filini Bar and Restaurant for some hearty, hand made Italian pasta. You’ll want to come hungry, because the moment you walk through the door you’ll feel as though your short commute brought you around the world to Rome. There’s plenty of crowd-pleasing fall food options to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a classic spaghetti and meatballs or a more unique Italian twist, you’ll be sure to get your fix. Our personal favorite? The hearty semolina gnocchi, a dish that combines seasonal fall vegetables, butternut squash puree and brown butter for flavors that truly embody the fall season. Pair with a glass of Tramin red wine, an Italian pinot noir, and you’ll forget you’re really in downtown Chicago!

Broken English Taco Pub

Looking to warm up with a lighter meal? Broken English Taco Pub has just what you need: delicious tacos, spicy hot sauce and mezcal cocktails. If you’ve never tried it, mezcal is a vibrant tequila that tastes like the smell of a Fall afternoon campfire (yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about). So when you pair a mezcal cocktail with a taco dressed with hot sauce, there’s no doubt you will feel as though you’re bundled up by a warm fire. A Google review from Douglas described the tacos as “The best tacos I've ever had in Chicago,” and we would have to agree, they are pretty great. In our opinion, the two tacos that stand out amongst the rest (even though they are all delicious) would have to be the carne asada and the carnitas tacos. When you order the carne asada, the flavors of chipotle marinated steak accompanies chopped onion and cilantro in true street style taco fashion. The pork carnitas on the other hand come with a delicious verde salsa and fresh cilantro, both refreshing and perfectly spicy. 

So whether you are looking to fill up with a hearty rosemary and bacon roasted chicken or a mezcal cocktail and spicy tacos, any of these local eateries are sure to satisfy your fall season cravings.

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