The Best Boat Charters Around Lakeshore East

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This summer, the coolest place to be will be out on the water. Lake Michigan has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and relaxation, and cruising around on a boat is the best way to take advantage of our watery neighbor. Here are the best boat charters out of Lakeshore East.

Knockout Charters

Knockout Charters is simply a man, his boats, and his passion for being on the water. Captain Chris Connor has over 40 years of boating experience, and over 20 of those years have been here on Lake Michigan. Captain Chris is a licensed Master Captain who wants everyone to feel the same thrill as he feels every time he steps on a boat. His main ride, a 37' ocean rated convertible boat is fully loaded with seating, satellite radio for your tunes, and room for 6 to enjoy views of the city you just can't get from the land. There are multiple pricing packages, including hourly rates, marriage proposal packages with photographer included, and packages to watch air shows or fireworks displays.

Phenix Sailing

If you would prefer a smooth, relaxing sail to a motorboat, Phenix has what you're looking for. Phenix is a catamaran, which is kind of like two canoes connected together by a bridge. This means there are two points of contact with the water, so the ride will be incredibly smooth, without the rocking of traditional boats. There are beanbags to relax in, or you can stretch out on the netting between the two halves of the boat that is a kind of trampoline/hammock hybrid. Bring 5 friends and a couple bottles of wine and sail along the Chicago coast in style!

Captain Al's Charters

Some people want to relax on the water, while some are in the mood for adventure. For those folks, there is Captain Al's Charters, a sport-fishing charter company. you and up to 17 of your closest friends can sail out on the Manytimes II for a fishing outing you will never forget. Captain Al knows the best times and places to catch a trophy fish you can be proud of. He also utilizes state of the art equipment to track down the best fish hotspots. You could go home with a beautiful Rainbow Trout or a massive King Salmon. Single day fishing licenses are available onboard, so what you catch, you will be allowed to keep!

Chicago Sailboat Charters

For larger groups or parties, there is an amazing option with Chicago Sailboat Charters. It's called the "Big Boat" and it has room to comfortably host up to 36 passengers! With 600 sq. feet of usable space, the Big Boat is the ultimate party boat. Host a BBQ with friends or a family reunion. There is a minimum limit of 18, so this is an option reserved for larger groups, but Chicago Sailboat Chargers does offer smaller vessels to rent out as well. They have sailboats or powerboats to fit all needs.

So this summer, beat the heat on the gentle waves of Lake Michigan. Whether you want to enjoy some sightseeing, fishing, or just relaxing, there is a boat charter for you. Don't be a landlubber. Put on your sea legs and hit the water!

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