The Best Hotdogs in the Loop

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If there is one thing Chicago knows how to do right, it is the glorious hotdog. Here in the Sausage City, we know that mere ketchup does not make for an acceptable dog. Here are the best hotdog spots in the Loop to scratch your itch.

UB Dogs

UB Dogs knows that a real Chicagoan prefers their bun seeded and their dog piled high with mustard, tomatoes, pickles, and peppers. They serve up the classics and do it well. Try your dog the old school Chicago way, or one of their signature variations, like the spicy Joey Dog, which comes stacked with fries, garlic wasabi aioli, and Tabasco. Make it a meal with their fresh cut fries that reach just the right level of greasy deliciousness. UB Dogs is unfortunately closed for now while they spruce things up and come up with more dog delights, but they are set to reopen this summer! 

Max's Take Out

Max's might be the very definition of a "hole in the wall" restaurant. Measuring approximately 10 feet across, this teeny eatery barely has room for more than a couple of stools, so they really live up to the "Take Out" part of their name. You will be able to get a burger or gyro as well if hotdogs aren't your scene. They also deliver to a wide area, so you won't even need to leave home or the office to enjoy a Chicago frank from Max's.

Relish Chicago Hotdogs

If you want your dog on the go, Relish Chicago Hotdogs is the spot for you. Located in an old newspaper stand on the corner of E Jackson Dr. and Michigan Ave., this little food booth is easy to find if you know what you are looking for. Namely a large white German Shepherd statue covered in pictures of hotdogs. With the stand being on the corner of the park, there are plenty of public benches to sit and enjoy your lunch among the greenery.

Hot Dog Fiend

Hot Dog Fiend is a food truck that came from one woman's passion for the American hotdog. The Fiend takes the classic Chicago dog and puts their own spin on it. They replace the simple bun with fresh baked, grilled, rustic style buns, and offer "fiendish" sides like a fried wonton with cabbage and hotdog filling. Being that this is a meal on wheels, the Hot Dog Fiend won't always be in the same place. You can find out where in the Loop they will be by following them on Twitter.

Hotdog, frankfurter, sausage, or wiener… Whatever you call them, they are as American as apple pie, and as Chicago as deep dish and Al Capone. Find one of these dog spots and enjoy some fun on a bun today!

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