Pump Some Iron: the Best Gyms Near Lakeshore East

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Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds or have Hans and Franz pump *clap* you up, there is a gym for you near Chicago's Lakeshore East. After a Chicago meal of steak and beer, you might be looking to work off some of that sudsy goodness. We found the 4 best gyms nearby.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness

When you think of an all-purpose gym, you are probably imagining something like Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. This massive 120,000 sq. foot behemoth hs everything from racket sports to swimming to yoga to free weights to golf simulation. You can start off your workout in a group cycling class, then head over for boxing training, and top it off with a relaxing sit in the sauna. There are many different membership levels available at different price points, so for pricing information contact Lakeshore directly. 

First Ascent Climbing & Fitness

If a niche workout type is more your speed, you may enjoy some rock climbing at First Ascent. Both first-time climbers and seasoned pros alike can find climbing challenges to fit their experience level. There are group classes and personal instruction available, so you can get the most out of your time there. Some days you just may not feel like climbing. In that case, there is a range of yoga and other fitness options available. Keeping fit need not break the bank. Monthly memberships go for just $79, or you can get a full year for $869, giving you a month for free. 

Unicus Fitness

Maybe you need a little more structure in your workout schedule. Unicus Fitness offers PT classes on a set weekly calendar. So depending on the day you go, you know what part of the body will be worked. Monday through Friday daily focuses include strengthening, fat burn, and cardio. There are also plans for people with different life circumstances, such as a track for people with injuries and a senior citizen track. Or maybe you want rapid weight loss or post-natal weight loss, there is a track for you. Drop in classes are available for $15, or you can opt for unlimited monthly classes for just $65 a month.


Finally, if you are looking to get hardcore, try Hardpressed. The focus here is HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training. Workout classes last 30 minutes, and as the website says, "you won’t want to go longer. We promise. " Hardpressed offers tracks for strengthening or conditioning, with each having a different focused exercise plan. The goal here is to get you stronger and more conditioned than you ever thought possible and to push you past your comfort zone for maximum results. 

Explore these gyms and find one where the culture and atmosphere fit what you are looking for. Only you can will yourself to looking and feeling your best, but these places can provide an extra push of motivation to get you past whatever hurdles stand in your way. Grab a friend or go alone, but get moving!


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