May on the Lake: Upcoming Events on Navy Pier

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Navy Pier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. And for good reason. For over 20 years the pier has provided a wide array of activities and events. Here are some of the events and offerings on the docket this month at Navy Pier. 

Chicago Shakespeare Company

One of the biggest draws on the pier is the Chicago Shakespeare Company. This May, frequent collaborators Aaron Posner and Teller of Penn & Teller fame have teamed up to adapt and co-direct a production of Macbeth. The Scottish Play, as it's sometimes known, tells a story of the great lengths one can go to for power, and the consequences of one's actions in that pursuit. Macbeth is one of the most performed plays in the English Language, and it still brings something new to the audience with each production. 

Mother's Day Cruise

Mother's Day arrives on May 13th this year, and what better way to tell mom you love her than with a fun meal out on the water. Entertainment Cruises offers opportunities on multiple ships, including the classy and sophisticated Odyssey, or the laid-back party boat Spirit of Chicago. Cruising along Lake Michigan provides unparalleled views of the city, and with great food, drinks, and dancing, your mother is sure to have the best Mother's Day ever!

Chakaia Booker: Four Sculptures

Throughout May, Navy Pier will display four works of art by sculptor Chakaia Booker. Booker works mostly with recycled rubber tires pulled from landfills, auto shops, and even the side of the road. She cuts the tires and twists them into designs that reflect the human condition and experience. As she says, “My work challenges the notion that tires are uniformly black. I want to encourage people to examine assumptions about color, patterns, textures, and functions…. Also, our assumptions about most subject matter, including people, their diversity, and the diversity of ideas and perceptions.” 

Live on the Lake

Beginning May 25th, Navy Pier will begin offering live concerts through their Live on the Lake series. Performing in the Miller Lite Beer Garden will be a variety of local and visiting artists, from as varied genres as hip-hop, pop, blues, and reggae. check the schedule to see if your favorite artist will be performing, or go regularly to expose yourself to new artists and music types. The music is always live, always fun, and always free.

AON Summer Fireworks

At the very end of May, Navy Pier will begin its annual tradition of a weekly fireworks display with the AON Summer Fireworks show. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, enjoy the colorful explosions of fire set to music. This event is weather permitting, so it is wise to check the website to see if it is still happening. For the best firework viewing, head out on the water with one of Entertainment Cruises' dinner outings. After all, your mom loved it so much from Mother's Day, it might be worth going again for the fireworks show. 

This May, Navy Pier promises to be the place to be. There is always something going on and something to see. Make your way down, and we'll see you on the lake!

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