Local Spotlight: The Drunken Bean

  |     |   Coffee & Tea, Lakeshore East

Coffee? Wine? Why choose? Make the Drunken Bean your “happy place.”

We know our beans here in Chicago. Why, we’ve got one of the biggest, shiniest beans around parked right in Millennium Park. But the Drunken Bean is a new coffee shop and wine bar in Lakeshore East that has java enthusiasts jittery with excitement and vino aficionados simply swooning. 


New Eastside News was among the first to report that the sharp minds behind Lakeshore East Coffee had plans to expand their already broad appeal. Nick Papageorgiou, the shop’s owner, said,  “The neighborhood called for a place where it could be affordable to have a glass of wine while watching live entertainment,”

So he closed the doors on his already amazing coffee shop and reopened them as the Drunken Bean! They updated the menu and upgraded the atmosphere to include a comfier, cozier vibe, ideal for taking in performances by local artists. “We are [brought] in a local artist to create a mural on one of the walls,” Papageorgiou said of the improvements.


Lakeshore East is lovely at night. What the area’s needed, residents agree, is an evening spot to take advantage of that loveliness. Kat Tushim told the New Eastside news that “having a casual corner spot is something the area’s been missing.”

Howard O. loves the coffee. From his 5-star Yelp review: “Oh my god are they excellent… their hazelnut coffee is a must-try.”

Jen D., of Chicago, loves the wine: “Prisoner Red, by the glass, YES~! My favorite Yelperpour, without having to buy a bottle. Not easy to find, but this place has it.”  


Maybe it’s a fresh pastry and an espresso beverage that gets you going in the morning. Or maybe a silky sip of liquid confidence paired with light, live music is more your scene. Pick your poison.  

The Drunken Bean is where you can indulge your caffeine cravings on the way to work and unwind at happy hour on the way home.  

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